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Champagne & White Truffle Hair Styling Serum 125ml

Champagne & White Truffle Hair Styling Serum 125ml


Description: Introducing a luxurious fusion of indulgence and innovation for your hair.  this serum is designed to elevate your styling experience to new heights. Enriched with champagne and truffle extracts, renowned for its nourishing and revitalizing properties, this serum deeply conditions and strengthens your hair, leaving it resilient against everyday stressors. Say goodbye to frizz and flyaways as the serum works to tame and control your locks, giving you effortlessly sleek and manageable hair.


Directions: Apply to the scalp and massage in thoroughly and style as usual. 


 Product Benefits

  • 100% Natural and Organic Marine & Botanical Extracts  
  • Offers Great Hold
  • Reduces damage
  • Nourishes & protects 
  • Strengthens Hair

Key Ingredients & Benefits


Champagne (grape extract): has high levels of phenolic compounds and are believed to exert anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols have been shown to protect cells against injury,  anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties. It is also anti-ageing  while adding element of luxury to the skin care.

Pea extract is anti-ageing, skin protecting, skin repairing, firming, it is also Soothing, anti-irritating, anti-stressed skin, offers skin defence by protecting against collagen and elastin damage effects.

Lupine Peptides-Help to renew the skin’s outer layer (extracellular matrix) Reduce the depth of wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which gives the skin a younger look and diminishes fine wrinkles

 Vitamin C-powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger

Aloe Vera: Has anti-inflammatory properties and is soothing and calming to irritated skin. It refreshes sun damaged skin and promotes skin regeneration, helping to speed up wound healing.

Sodium Hyaluronate: its rejuvenating properties result in increased skin smoothness and softness. It also protects the cell structure and defending against external threats and bacterial infections.

Pro- Vitamin B5: Is excellent on sensitive scalps as it soothes, lubricates and protects the hair shaft, softens, strengthens and improves damaged and brittle hair. It coats split ends to stop them getting worse, it also helps to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth, making hair easy to handle and style, adds lustre and shine to the hair.

Plant Keratin: Is an alternative to animal keratin for effective hair care Benefits: Hair smoothing, improves wet & dry combing, reduces frizz, boosts shine and conditions and smooths the hair

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