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Our Story

The Origins of Christopher Courtney 

Christopher Courtney was born out of the family vision to create a brand that personifies high-end using only natural and organic ingredients in order to create a luxury ritual whilst looking after your skin.

As the mother, my son Christopher Courtney was born with skin wrinkled like a prune, unfortunately his skin didn’t improve but instead developed severe eczema which dominated our lives, we tried most of the conventional medicine available to no veil. With my background in beauty therapy and botanical anti-ageing training I had sufficient knowledge and so I set about to find a solution to help my son.

I knew about the power of nature and the benefits of using natural/organic ingredients and that became my starting point – I literally turned myself into mummy professor mixing things up at every given opportunity, soon our first cream was born and to my amazement it work, it calmed my son’s eczema - no more blood stained pillows, cracked and red raw skin that always made me feel bad.

I was on a roll and carried on with my new found hobby, making products for family and friends who kept coming back for more products, I knew I had something special and needed to train professionally which I did. 

As the two daughters and son we were inspired to create a complete brand. With our knowledge within business and finance, design and retail combined with our mothers credentials of being a fully fledge skincare product formulator and member of Society Of Cosmetic Scientists for many years with having BABTAC endorsed products created and developed for a client.

Together we feel blessed to be doing something that we all enjoy immensely, whilst bringing a brand that has brought a solution to a problem, emphasising the success and benefits of using only natural and organic ingredients.

From Tasting to Treating

I was born in Africa and as a child I used to follow my beloved Grandma on her Cocoa harvesting days and I remember with fondness how my cousin and I used to lick the sweet membrane off the beans of freshly opened cocoa pods! It’s truly amazing that I feel I’ve come full circle, as one of our most loved products use Cocoa butter, Cocoa powder and extracts in our Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Range (not to mention in our decadent chocolate truffles which are served at the end of our salon treatments)!


 "Moringa, Shea Butter , Cocoa Butter, Coconut, Avocado and Mango are very close to my heart."

MORINGA – Back home in Ghana we have a Moringa Tree in the family garden, which my mum, aunties and cousins pick and make tea with the leaves, just like you and I would make Green Tea.

Well my mum swears by the benefits and l do believe her, because for a 74 year old she has skin like a 50 year old woman if not better.   

Moringa is found throughout the whole range.

SHEA BUTTERYou could say I was born into it, for centuries the women in my dad’s village which is near Burkina Faso have been producing Shea Butter – Shea Butter was used on me as a child by my mum and grandma, way before Shea butter took the western world by storm. It pleases me know that my supplier in the UK get their Shea Butter from Ghana. 

COCONUT – As a child I remember drinking Coconut Juice straight from the Young Green Coconut, the sweet and fresh juice was always enjoyable and full of nutrients (well I didn’t know that then but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it) after drinking the juice you eat the White Young Fresh inside too.

When the Coconut was too old to drink the juice, you eat the Hard Fresh ( this is where coconut oil is extracted from) or make Sweet Coconut Cakes from it – which is basically Caramelised Sugar and Shredded Coconut – simple mmmmmm delicious:)  The adults did their own things with Coconut Oil/Butter/Milk Cream!!

But when I found out our Polynesian Sisters have gone a step further by adding their Beautiful Tiaré flowers (Gardenia) and Vanilla I had to be part of it, you only need to look at their beautiful skin and hair of a Polynesian lady to want to try this product.

Besides, as an adult living in a very busy and stressful world, I crave some relaxation, tranquillity and the ultimate indulgence in my stolen “me time” and these products offer me just that!