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About Us

At Christopher Courtney we strive to create exquisite, innovative and professional spa treatments and products with quality that would be difficult to find elsewhere.
A brand which reflects elegance, sophistication and decadence through our range of luxurious, highly effective and beautifully packaged natural and organic spa products.
We use advanced natural and organic ingredients sourced through reputable companies from around the world which are certified by either Soil Association, Ecocert or the equivalent to ensure the quality of our result driven products are maintained.
At Christopher Courtney we combine exotic oils & butters, anti-oxidants, vitamins, precious plant extracts and organic, pure & absolute essential oils to create divinely pure products to provide intensive hydration, firmness, smoothness, rejuvenation, increase in elasticity, reactivation of cell regeneration, protection against free radicals, refining the skin's structure and maintaining a youthful appearance, whilst soothing, calming, uplifting, refreshing, comforting and indulging.
Our candles have been lovingly handmade with 100% soy wax, organic, pure and absolute essential oils that are expertly developed into truly beautiful and luxurious products which will infuse your home with decadent scents without releasing toxins, soot and chemicals into your environment, but instead releasing uplifting, calming, refreshing, warming and soothing properties of essential oils to enhance your well-being. 
Our products contain:
  • No petrochemical derivatives
  • No synthetic colours or fragrances
  • No harsh detergents and
  • No mineral oils.
  • And are not tested on animals.