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Champagne & Caviar Anti-Redness & Soothing Balm - Luxury Men's Skincare  50ml - Christopher Courtney

Champagne & Caviar Anti-Redness & Soothing Balm - Luxury Men's Skincare 50ml


Description: Champagne & Caviar Anti-Redness & Soothing Balm -Luxury Men's Skincare, is a nutrient rich and lightweight moisturiser that is easily absorbed, enriched with highly effective natural oils and Caviar extract. With vitamins, anti-oxidants, botanical extracts and marine extracts to deeply hydrate, replenish, protect, whilst calming, soothing and reducing redness, leaving stressed skin comforted and healthy.

Direction: Apply a small amount to cleansed face morning and night.

Product Benefits

  • Rich In Anti-Oxidants And Nutrients To Feed The Skin 
  • Protects And Replenish The Skin
  • Calm, Soothe And Reduce Redness In The Skin
  • Increases Skin's Elasticity 
  • Anti-Ageing And Nourishing
  • Helps Repairs damage
  • No Paraben, Phenoxyethanol or Other Questionable Preservative

Key Ingredients

CAVIAR Extract: is rich in rare and precious nutritive substances such as essential fatty acids, omega 3, vitamins A, B & D, proteins, amino-acids, and trace elements. Caviar extract is moisturising and nourishing ingredient for all skin types, even the most delicate, helping to improve the skin’s  moisture level and tonicity

Champagne (grape extract): has high levels of phenolic compounds and are believed to exert anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols have been shown to protect cells against injury,  anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties. It is also anti-ageing  while adding element of luxury to the skin care.

Pea extract is anti-ageing, skin protecting, skin repairing, firming, it is also Soothing, anti-irritating, anti-stressed skin, offers skin defence by protecting against collagen and elastin damage effects.

Lupine Peptides-Help to renew the skin’s outer layer (extracellular matrix) Reduce the depth of wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which gives the skin a younger look and diminishes fine wrinkles.

 Vitamin B3- It improves skin moisturisation

 Vitamin C-powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger

Aloe Vera: Has anti-inflammatory properties and is soothing and calming to irritated skin. It refreshes sun damaged skin and promotes skin regeneration, helping to speed up wound healing.

Sodium Hyaluronate: its rejuvenating properties result in increased skin smoothness and softness. It also protects the cell structure and defending against external threats and bacterial infections.


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